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Mitch Kuhn, Creative Director

Mitch is a unit mover, moving units like no units have ever been moved. His secret? Listening. He has a special gift of absorbing a client’s need and identifying what truly motivates an audience. Then he builds solutions that not only answer but elicit inspiration through brilliant creative.

Mitch graduated from the University of Oregon and started his career as a graphic designer at a small agency in Eugene. His disdain for tie-dye and incense led him to Boise where he refined his craft as an art director. He went on to work in-house for two non-profits in education and healthcare. Yeah, Mitch is a true mensch.

When he’s not working for the good of others, he’s running, backpacking, hiking, drinking beer, and cooking with his wife, Sonya, who, among other things, is a highly-competitive arcade pinball athlete.

Strangely, Mitch has a concentrated aversion to all-things mint, which is weird. But we’re learning to look past this red flag, as he swears he still brushes his teeth.

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