A Boise-based, independent marketing agency, Stoltz has been at it long enough, nearly 25 years to be exact, to know what it takes: top-quality creative chops, thoughtful strategy and the attention only purposefully small and nimble agencies can provide. We don’t just move needles, we move people by passionately helping brands find their voice, their soul, and even those lost keys if needed. That’s just the type of friend we are.

Owned and led by women, we’re bold in a world that’s just starting to welcome female leadership. “A trend,” some call it. It’s not a trend to us at all. We’re a proud group of creative women and men, and out of that comes a powerful culture – a cozy environment that nurtures work that works, all in close collaboration with our clients.

We see your potential.

Who We've Helped:

How We've Helped:


Marketing Planning
Business Consultation
Audience Research
Market Research
Competitive Analysis
Media Planning


Brand Research
Brand Planning
Brand Books & Videos
Logo & Visual Systems
Collateral Design
Messaging Platforms
Voice Development
Voice Training
Brand Rollout


Campaign Planning & Execution
Digital Advertising
Broadcast TV
Guerilla Marketing
Influencer Marketing
E-Mail Marketing
Media Planning & Buying
Performance Metrics


UI/UX Design
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Customer Engagement
Marketing Automation


Audits & Planning
Persona Mapping
Content Creation
Content Distribution
Search Engine Optimization
Metrics & Analytics
Social Media Management


Graphic Design
Graphic Animation
Video Production

“Make advertising and creative that makes people cry. Laugh. Remember that advertising needs to reward people for having taken their time to listen or watch our messages.”

– Ken Stoltz, Founder

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100 Hours Nonprofit Program

When it comes to nonprofit stories of impact, there is no shortage in our community. But turning up the volume on these stories can be challenging on the lean budgets that most nonprofits are accustomed to. Stoltz is here to help. Every year, we partner with one nonprofit and dedicate 100 hours of heart-driven creative services that align best with the organization’s needs, lift their brand story, and grow their impact.
2021 Applications are now closed. Check back in January 2022 for updates.

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