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Bond Hilliard, Director of Accounts

Bond is as cool as his name sounds. But what really floats our boat is that he has no idea just how cool he really is.

We find that bright, ambitious humans who have weathered diverse life experiences often make the best creative collaborators. Bond is no exception to this rule. An Idaho native, Bond learned about customer service and nicely tailored jackets while working retail through high school. (His impeccable sense of style bears witness to this fun fact). Outgrowing the Karcher Mall, he went on to assist in school portrait photography, an experience that rewarded him with hundreds of real-time awkward memes. Bond has a knack for making people laugh, perhaps developed while capturing the smiles of angry teenagers.

Following his dream to build a career in sales and marketing, he went on to run the communications team of a chocolate startup where he learned to use phrases like “Single Origin Ecuadorian Heirloom Cacao.” He then spent over 10 years at Fund Raisers Sports, where he most recently served as the Director of Partnership Services and Strategy. Looking for a new challenge and life chapter, he came to Stoltz—and we couldn’t be happier.

Bond’s strategic prowess and innate ability to guide others to fulfilling a creative vision made him the perfect fit for many of our clients. But what we love most about Bond is his dedication to learning every detail through earnest listening, his sincere desire to connect all of the dots, and connect with people.

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