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Clara Thamke, Graphic Designer

What do you get when you cross a Montana childhood with two geologist parents from Iowa? An anime-watching, Zelda playing, dog loving, uber-talented graphic designer. Make sense to you? We thought so too.

Clara is an illustration and art whiz, and she wears it on her sleeve…literally. While spending a summer studying art history in England, she got tattooed with a demon from The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Martin Schongauer. She also loves Gudetama—a lovable, lazy Japanese egg character that reflects how most of us felt through 2020. Just about the only expected thing about this Montana Native is her love of being outside—camping, hot spring-ing, and skiing (which she started in her mom’s backpack before she could walk). 

Clara graduated from Montana State with a graphic design degree before making her way to Boise, where we threw her into the deep end for her first week on the job (of the Lower Salmon River that is). Since then, Clara has kept her head above water, treating us to her design and illustration talents and her calm presence.

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