Jaime Ekman, President

Although she may not look like it, Jaime (Stoltz) Ekman has a lifetime of experience behind her. Literally, a lifetime. As the daughter of our founder, Ken, she began learning the tricks of our trade since childhood during creativity-fueled family dinner conversations.

From that dinner table, Jaime’s journey went from early jobs at Stoltz to managing sales/marketing for global food product brands and back to Stoltz as our President in 2018. She’s one of those rare, motivated CEOs that jumps in to accomplish whatever’s needed, whenever. She’s done it all from production to client management to media buying to even writing a script or two, and if you’re wondering, yes, she’s educated. MBA, in fact, which she earned from Willamette University amidst her early career years. See what we mean by motivated?

While few “enjoy every moment” and explore new travel experiences as Jaime does, most of us relate to her love for quality, balanced time with her family (husband Anthony and daughters Camille and Hailey). She does family well, a real super mom. Be it in her personal life or at Stoltz, Jaime inherently rallies those around her to uncover the good ideas that solve problems. And by providing brands with the foresight, capabilities and sensibilities needed to achieve exponential success, Jaime proves, over and over again, that the marketplace responds well to a good idea.

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