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Josh Hawks, Media Buyer

Josh is a marketing MacGyver. He can analyze click-through-rates, gather research and plan events with little more than a stick of gum and a paper clip, though he’s more inclined to use a laptop these days. His industrious work ethic was instilled in him through equal parts growing up in rural Idaho and cutting his teeth in the restaurant business. While Josh retains a deep love for all things Idaho, he’s more than happy to leave his service industry days behind (though he can still mix up a mean drink).

Josh is responsible for planning and placing traditional and digital media for our clients, working closely with the account, creative, and strategy teams to ensure placements will be effective and measurable. He is a master negotiator, building vendor relationships and optimizing plans and budgets according to the best media mix. Josh also leads the Stoltz kickball team with the same amount of passion he puts into his media planning.

When he’s not hitting home runs in the office or on the field, you can find Josh by a lake, fishing rod in hand, or ready for someone to challenge him for his yard game crown. He also loves to travel, chomping like Pac-Man through the best cuisine the pacific northwest has to offer. Joining him on his culinary adventures is his wife Erika, an executive chef, which we mention only to remind Josh to bring us her delicious creations weekly.

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