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Clara Adams, Graphic Designer

When it comes to iconic branding, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile reigns supreme. And if you’re itching for some wild tales about cruising the country in a 7-ton hotdog, buckle up and get ready to meet our very own Clara Adams.

Clara’s journey with Stoltz started as a graphic design intern in the summer of 2022. After graduating with honors from Boise State University, she beat out 5,000 other applicants to snag a year-long gig driving the Wienermobile, spreading joy from coast to coast. From battling snowstorms to navigating sand pits, Clara mastered resilience, creative problem-solving, and the art of delivering a good hotdog joke. All this on top of her already impressive skill set in illustration, design, and user experience. 20,000 miles and 40 cities later, Clara landed back in Boise, where we convinced her to hang up the keys and join our team.

Since the day she could first grasp a crayon, Clara dreamt of being an artist. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, she soaked up inspiration from outdoor adventure and still recharges creatively with activities involving fresh air. With an insatiable curiosity and strong work ethic, Clara is our go-to for crafting stunning solutions to any design challenge.

But there’s more to Clara than her commercial driver’s license and conceptual chops. With a soft spot for Broadway, she can belt out every lyric from Newsies (just like a certain creative director we know). And if heaven were a place on Earth, you bet it would include her family, espresso, red pandas, and brandmobiles strutting their stuff in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. But what we love most about Clara is her huge heart.

Photograph of the oscar meyer weiner mobile in front of a towering mountain
Photograph of Clara Adams smiling as she climbs into a air balloon basket
Photograph of Clara Adams and her family on vacation

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