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Kate Holgate, Chief Creative Officer

An award-winning creative director who has been at it long enough to see trends repeating themselves, Kate has helped shape Stoltz into what you know it as today. 

She’s a glass-half-full kinda gal. In fact, Kate passionately leads our team by emphasizing four critical principles: superior creative work, a powerful strategy, effectiveness, and laughter.

Just out of college, Kate dove into the ad world, gaining experience that now spans broad industries. From healthcare to pet care. Software to science centers. Rafts to wood products. Yes, even toilet paper. Kate is a terrible liar, which helped her quickly discover that communicating human truth always creates a stronger connection in marketing. When she’s not coming up with big ideas, she enjoys nurturing business development and has been a key contributor to growing our diverse client roster.

Kate serves as an advisor for several non-profit boards focused on education and mental health. She considers herself a “Brandal” for teaching at the rival university of her alma mater. And she has never, ever met a stranger. Kate’s time-optimistic sorcery has allowed her to find more hours in days—she enjoys coaching, mountain biking, snowboarding, camping, rafting, reading, and throwing dinner parties. But most importantly, she and her husband, Blake, enjoy their two beautiful teens and an overly enthusiastic dog. Kate embarrasses them all as much as possible.

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