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Kate Holgate, Chief Creative Officer

Our courageous creative leader, Kate Holgate, has two decades of experience. For those of us who can’t do math things, that’s twenty years. And in her twenty years, Kate has shaped Stoltz into what you know it as today.

She’s a glass-half-full kinda gal. In fact, Kate passionately leads our team emphasizing four critical principles: superior creative work, a powerful strategy, effectiveness, and laughter.

Just out of college, Kate dove into the ad world, gaining experience that now spans broad industries. From healthcare to pet care. From financial institutions to science centers. From rafts to wood products. Yes, even toilet paper. No matter the creative opportunity—and they are all opportunities—Kate believes that at the end of the day, communicating human truth creates a stronger connection.

Outside of work, you likely won’t find Kate beside a river in the mountains with her loved ones, because they go to the most remote, isolated areas across the Pacific Northwest.

Kate’s time-optimistic sorcery has allowed her to find more hours in days – she coaches, mountain bikes, snowboards, camps, rafts, reads, teaches at the local university, serves on boards, and throws dinner parties. All at once. But most importantly, she and her husband, Blake, enjoy their two beautiful children and an overly enthusiastic dog.

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