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Kirstin Delp, Senior Project Manager

Trivial Pursuit, maple syrup, Celine Dion, the pacemaker. Add Kirstin Delp to the list of gifts Canada has bestowed on the world.

Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., Kirstin is one smart woman, a lover of life and learning. Not because she says so but because she shows it in everything she does — from her worldly travels to her unique career journey. As our Senior Project Manager, Kirstin contributes a valuable mix of skills, including close attention to detail, over-communication, process development, and ball juggling.

Kirstin’s passion for being active led her to where she is today. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a degree in sports admin and marketing, she stayed on as an employee, directing the college’s intramural sports program. Later amidst the dot-com era, Kirstin merged her marketing experience with a new obsession: information technology. She had grown an affinity for data-driven communications through a stint at an insurance company, which drove her back to school for a quick, robust education in IT. This unique skill set led Kirstin down a career path in Colorado, first at a popular ski resort, then with a Boulder-based agency where she led the growth of many outdoor recreation, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail brands for nearly a decade. In 2015 with the okay to work remotely, Kirstin and her late husband, Steve, moved to Boise to relish in their deep-rooted love for Idaho.

Finding her passion in helping projects run smoothly and efficiently, she came to Stoltz as a senior account manager, transitioning over to lead the implementation of a new ERP system and developing processes to better manage 30+ clients and thousands of projects. What would we do without Kirstin? We have no idea and hope never to have to ask that question.

Kirstin’s closest friends and colleagues, and even her devoted Scottie named Porter, will tell you without hesitation that she is a caring person who values meaningful relationships above all else. We would add strong and resilient to that list, in admiration of her ability to move through life’s challenges with a steadfast mantra (you’re gonna want to write this one down) . . . Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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