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Griffen Shinn, Digital Project Manager

You know Q from James Bond? The guy who sets up 007 with the latest tech, coolest tools, and customized gadgets? Griffen is basically the Q to Stoltz’ MI6 — but with way more marketing experience.

As our Digital Project Manager, Griffen smoothly runs our web projects and develops online marketing strategies from concept to completion. A self-proclaimed data nerd, he speaks a special dialect of English in which “Java” doesn’t mean coffee and “WYSIWYG” is a word, not an acronym. 

Although it’s a departure from his childhood dream of driving monster trucks, Griffen was born to work in digital marketing. While most of us were focused on getting a driver’s license, 16-year-old Griffen was already getting a taste of industry experience. That’s right — he had his first real-world job before he could even grow a mustache, interning in a startup’s marketing department. He then honed his web development skills at another internet marketing company for several years, managing an entire team of developers… all before he earned his degree from Boise State in 2021.

If there’s one thing that can match his passion for tech, it’s his car — a Volkswagen GTI he loves to tinker with and take on road trips up and down the pacific coast. Need proof? He put 35,000 miles on the odometer in the first year and a half he owned it! When he’s not patiently explaining Web 3.0 or taking off on a scenic drive, there’s a good chance he’s gaming with friends or spending quality time with his family (tune into his Twitch stream to get a feel for his friendly nature and shrewd sense of humor). Otherwise, just wait until your next digital project. It won’t take you long to see how great Griffen is to work with.

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