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Maddie Godwin, Art Director

“I believe that advertising and design have a responsibility to create a more empowered world whenever possible.”

When we first read this statement in Maddie’s portfolio, we knew she’d be the perfect fit. With creative chops that have earned her awards from Communication Arts to the American Advertising Federation, Maddie blew us away with her talent, passion, and infectious personality.

After growing up in Alaska and graduating from Montana State University with a BFA in graphic design (meet her fellow Bobcat!), Maddie was quickly recruited to join the Boise agency world, then launched her own freelance business. When she decided to return to agency life, we were thrilled she picked us.

Maddie’s creativity does not stop with design alone. She can illustrate, animate, concept, and write. Yes, she is the full meal deal (preferably from Arby’s). In fact, she is currently writing her first fantasy novel. She has not decided her pen name yet, so we have gladly offered to help. Please submit your ideas here.

Maddie has a few strong opinions. For example, there is definitely a correct way to pronounce “macaron.” She prefers Dragons over Dungeons. Her perfect day would include wandering a local bookstore while sipping a boba tea with her husband, then going home to watch Star Wars with their two cats. She has created some pretty amazing Halloween costumes over the years, giving our Chief Creative Officer a bit of in-house competition. And for someone whose top Spotify genre is Metalcore, it was a surprise that “My Heart Will Go On” is her go-to karaoke song.

If these details don’t make you want to get to know Maddie better, there might be something wrong with you.

Maddie Godwin at a concert venue
Maddie Godwin paddle-boarding on a lake
Maddie Godwin with their partner in front of a river

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