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Deanna Scherrer, Senior Art Director

What do you get when you combine a roller skater, rafting guide, jewelry designer, and Georgetown student who went to the “Ferris Beuhler’s Day Off” high school? An ultrahuman? Yes. And her name is Deanna Scherrer.

Deanna is a Chicago native, but tries not to play favorites with pizza. (But if pressed, we’d hope she’d say Lou Malnatis.) In 2012, Deanna decided to call Boise home and has since then shown off her ultrahuman characteristics by accomplishing quite a lot. She started her career as an art educator, teaching in both the classroom and curating the education curriculum at the Boise Art Museum. She also launched a business, is a talented bench jeweler who creates stunning pieces that you can find here, and is currently getting her Master’s Degree in Design Management and Communications from Georgetown University. Thankfully, she realized she has a passion for storytelling through design, user experience, and motion. And as a self-proclaimed lifetime learner, we are feeling pretty darn fortunate she chose Stoltz.

Deanna might sound too good to be true. If you don’t believe us, feel free to head down to Rhodes Skate park where you’ll likely find Deanna crushing the half pipe.

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