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Krista Detwiler Pedersen, Senior Director of Strategy & Communications

Empathetic. Articulate. Innately curious. Take your pick…Krista Detwiler Pedersen is all the above. But since concision is her love language, we’ll settle on a single adjective: brilliant. Spend five minutes with Krista, and you’ll likely agree. Although she’s too humble to accept such praise, we’ll take full advantage of this opportunity to make her blush.

A gifted storyteller and self-proclaimed word nerd, our Director of Accounts and Strategy grew up in Ketchum, Idaho. After graduating from the University of Oregon, she cut her teeth in PR & marketing for breast cancer research and independent education organizations. She earned her MBA from Boise State University and settled in the City of Trees. Krista refined her expertise in brand planning by working with clients such as Black Crows Skis, Mons Royale, Origin, Chums, and Wild Rye. Prior to joining Stoltz, she was the Senior Manager of Brand Communications at Lovevery, where she was responsible for the positioning and messaging for product launches across North America and Europe.

When you ask Krista what’s rewarding about this industry, she’d reply first and foremost that it’s the relationships she builds with teammates, clients, and their customers. She’d also mention that she loves seeing a challenge, looking for the deeper “why,” and improving it in a way that brings joy and purpose to the world.

You will find Krista on the weekends briskly walking her adorable dogs with her equally adorable husband, Anders. She hates egos and eggs, in that order. She loves to travel, go on culinary adventures, and devours Toni Morrison novels. She will fiercely take a stand for what is right to serve the greater good. And much to our very own Crissie Hoskin’s delight, Krista can recite spells from a certain wizarding feminist.

We are smitten.

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