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Rachel Ebersole, Senior Account & PR Manager

“Funny moments are my whole life.” Those are words straight from Rachel Ebersole’s mouth as she admits she’s a bit clumsy, just one example of her warm and humble personality.  A Texas native, her “ya’lls” are pretty great, too, and help us envision her growin’ up days dancing and singing in Friendswood, a city outside of Houston. If you’re picturing a Friday Night Lights kind of adolescence, Rachel says that’s not far off.

Rachel is passionate and empathetic, both key reasons she’s such a good fit for Stoltz’. She’s the first to step in to help a teammate and manages clients with genuine care and a shared focus on their goals. She’s driven by learning new skills and new industries, which explains her uniquely diverse background. Following graduating with a BA in Comm and a minor in marketing from the University of Houston, Rachel worked at a boutique PR firm, where her clients ran the gamut from a luxury motor coach to a pet boarding/training brand to the Argentinian wine industry, landing her a pretty sweet trip to San Juan. After five years of this, she moved to Idaho with her secret husband, Jamie, and began working at Boozie, a farm-to-can cocktail start-up, helping them build the business from the ground up by growing brand awareness via social media, demos, and brand ambassador programs.

Rachel’s can-do attitude extends far beyond her work. When she and her fiancé moved to Boise just over two years ago, she was determined to embrace the adventurous lifestyle of her new PNW surroundings and joined an arduous hiking expedition on Mt. Hood. Impressive! While she’s caught the mountain fever, Rachel is also proudly indoorsy and loves to work on her newly purchased Boise home and spend time with her little Chug named Saucy (short for her shelter name Sausage Roll).

Some last important nuggets about Rachel: she prefers wine over hard liquor, has the entire continent of Europe on her bucket list, and would choose Tim Riggins over Jason Street (shameless, fangirl Friday Night Lights reference there).

Oh, and her mom’s her hero. 😀


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