Nicole Coleman, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

In 2009, Nicole was approached by a trainer at a local gym with the question, “Do you want to learn how to fight?” Let us elaborate. The fighting style was Muay Thai, and Nicole said yes without hesitation. With strong shins and a competitive spirit that stems from both the Coleman genetics and a collegiate soccer career, she was a natural. So much so, she ended up in Thailand for three months to star in a reality show about a group of female fighters and their grueling training under the Muay Thai legend, Grand Master Toddy.  Though the show was quite popular for one season in Thailand, New Zealand, and parts of Australia, Nicole hung up her gloves and returned to Boise to pursue her real passion: digital marketing. Lucky us.

While some marketers shy away from the fast-evolving digital landscape, Nicole embraces it to master user experience. Career stints in advertising, brand protection, and e-commerce companies have pushed Nicole to become the leader she is today in customer flow, design and management, as well as SEO, digital advertising, and market research.

No doubt, Nicole’s a fighter. But you should know, she has a big soft heart, immediately evident to anyone who works with her. Family is at the core of everything that matters to Nicole. She and her wife, Courtney, love their two dogs like children (anyone else relate to that?), exploring the world, fly fishing, and kicking-up memories with Nicole’s loud and loving Basque family.

*To respect Nicole’s explicit request, we’re not sharing any “Tuff Girls” video links and will refrain from telling you that a “Tuff Girls reality show” Google search delivers at first click.

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