Kellie Fox

Kellie Fox

Art Director

Kellie is full of surprises. Like how she worked here for months before anyone knew she was a pro ice skater and had been skating since she was three. Or how as just a college student, she helped raise $37,000 for St. Luke’s children’s hospital through a dance marathon. Or how, as the do-gooder she is, she went to Peru a few years ago and volunteered at a girls’ orphanage. That’s Kellie. Always impressing us with her accomplishments.

Kellie graduated from Boise State with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design. While in college, she interned at two art galleries—Nfinity Art Gallery in downtown Boise and Sun Studio in Florence, Italy. She also interned at two other Boise-based companies: an international service organization called Global Service Partnership and Social Eyes Marketing, where she worked as a social media intern.

In her free time, Kellie enjoys traveling and has plans to set off around the world someday. Only time will tell where she’ll end up next.

Senior Account Manager
Art Director
Associate Creative Director
Content Strategist
Marketing Assistant
CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Creative Director
Director of Brand Strategy
Art Director
Senior Art Director
Director of Business Development