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Grace Wiese, Marketing Coordinator

Grace’s career in marketing began earlier than most when she won an advertising competition in the 7th grade. Fast forward to today, and she’s still living the dream. After earning her B.S. in Advertising with a minor in Marketing from the University of Idaho, Grace became a campaign coordinator for her alma mater, then advanced to the role of ad operations coordinator for EETech Media, a digital media and marketing company. There, Grace earned her digital chops by analyzing data, optimizing creative, reporting key performance metrics and managing campaigns for clients like Cisco, Texas Instruments, Mouser Electronics, and Infineon. It might be no surprise that her love language is organization. And a small wiener dog named Theodore. 

Curiosity fuels Grace in all aspects of her life. Beyond her desire to learn something new every day, she has never declined an opportunity to experience the adventures life throws her way. (This may or may not include serendipitous moments such as swimming with manatees and the British Army while in Belize. Or exploring a national park in Croatia. Or eating gelato twice a day while traveling through Eastern Europe). She enjoys meeting new people and truly has the ability to find the fun in any situation. 

Except for her reading habits. We are still trying to understand those. Just check out what she is reading “for fun” these days.

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