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Erin McClure, Senior Account Manager

“Imaginer c’est choisir.”

If you don’t speak French, no worries. We don’t speak French either. Enter Erin McClure, our book-loving, always curious, bilingual Senior Account Manager. Before venturing into the advertising world, Erin taught French to middle schoolers for six years. When her husband seized an opportunity to work with endangered birds of prey species in Idaho, they packed up their then one-year-old daughter and left their home state of Georgia, moving 2,328 miles west to Boise.

Upon her arrival in the City of Trees, Erin was ready for a career change and to pursue her lifelong dream of working in advertising. Armed with a strong writing background and a persistent heart, she cold-emailed every agency in Boise. Serendipitously, our founder, Ken Stoltz, was the only person to respond. Despite no job openings at the time, they had a delightful informational interview, and Stoltz remained on Erin’s radar.

In starting her own creative business, Erin’s projects and clients included writing for Boise Valley Economic Partnership and Boise State Public Radio, branding and marketing a fundraising event for Boise refugees and immigrants, managing social media for local businesses, and then eventually, consulting on digital marketing programs for global enterprises. In 2020, she committed full-time to the agency side of marketing and led marketing programs for Fortune 500 clients in retail, agriculture, healthcare, and tech.

Fast forward to 2023 when the stars aligned, and a senior account position opened at Stoltz. Erin hadn’t forgotten that initial meeting with Ken Stoltz and had closely followed our agency’s journey and evolution. Fortunately for us, she saw the potential to continue doing what she loves most about marketing—building client relationships, obsessing over research, developing strategies, and crafting concise narratives rooted in the human experience.

In Erin’s world, talk is not cheap.

We could tell you what Erin likes to do in her spare time, but we’d rather share that she has a strong aversion towards anything at all to do with horses or outer space. She was a cheerleader in high school but was demoted two years in a row to boombox carrier. Ask her about it sometime.

Photo of Erin in grandstands with her children and husband
Erin McClure embracing a group of female colleagues at a party
Erin McClure posing for a selfie with a man with a beard

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