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Davis Hague, Senior Account Manager

If ChatGPT wrote a bio for Davis Hague, it would mention details like how he grew up in the small mountain town of Ketchum, Idaho, earned a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington, and went on to get his MBA from Boise State, among other impressive details. It would also include big fancy words describing how Davis managed huge construction sites in Seattle, conducted business development for several startups, and took a wild turn in his career to join Stoltz. What Chat GPT does not know is that Davis can name every hair band from the 80s, secretly wants to live in Bob Ross’ pocket for a day, and recently hit a hole-in-one (celebratory fist pump proof here).

Stoltz often looks for people who are curious by nature. Davis is this and so much more. With a versatile background and passion for strategy, he dives in with the tenacity of a Samurai, learning everything he can about our clients, their industries, and business goals. No challenge is too big for Davis.

He loves his wife, Clare, and their 2 dogs. (He loves Clare more). When Davis is not building relationships or crafting strategies, you will find him living the Idaho dream skiing, mountain biking, camping and using his charm to make friends. Everywhere he goes.

Davis & partner in the snow
Davis kneeling with two big dogs
Davis lifting a woman on his shoulders at sunset

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