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Brandon Stoker, Art Director

If there is anyone in the office family who exemplifies enthusiasm, it’s Brandon: our resident venti coffee-making, show-tune-singing, Apple-tech-supporting, extremely talented art director who does not hesitate to put as much passion into his craft as he does teaching others. If you’ve ever wondered what it means to put the wind beneath one’s wings, just spend an afternoon with Brandon and you’ll see why his zest for life is simply contagious.

He cares. About everything. A lot.

Brandon discovered his love for art and technology in high school, and went on to pursue not one but TWO degrees in graphic design from colleges on opposite sides of the U.S. This satisfied his desire for adventure while training his hair to look good in both humid and dry climates. He learned to tell compelling stories by driving guests through the savannah at Disney World—true story—which Crissie is not only jealous of, but aspires to do someday. Before returning to his home state of Idaho, he worked at renowned agency Push in Orlando where he cut his teeth on major clients such as Yardhouse, Olive Garden, and Corkcicle.

Brandon impressed us from day one with his ability to conceptualize beautiful, award-winning designs, his impeccable attention to detail, and his can-do attitude. If he’s not adorable enough in his headshot, just wait until you see him caring for his beloved dog, Dolly, who he rescued from a local shelter (after claiming not to be a “dog person”) and showers with unconditional love and the latest in canine fashion.

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