Kate Holgate | Senior Art Director

My favorite tulip sweater vest.  

Kate was born in Birmingham, AL, the second of three children in an Air Force family that moved frequently. In 1990, they settled in Boise where Kate began an intense intellectual journey that would carry to her to the very heights of the Kappa Kappa Gamma social order at U of I.

Upon graduation, Kate returned to Boise and launched her career at SMG by sitting silently at her desk for six months and working hard, a tradition she continues to this day. In month seven, when speech became a part of her work persona, we were even more pleased to have her here. So were our clients whom she impresses with the quality of her design and strategic thinking.

In 2004, Kate wed Blake Holgate against the advice of both Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha. However, the match has proved fruitful, most recently resulting in a little girl named Grace, a little boy named James, and a chocolate lab called Chester the Molester, a frequent and unwelcome visitor to our offices.

Rock bottom: "Wearing an eye patch for 7 months when I was in the first grade to correct my vision. Sometimes, I would put a sticker of an eyeball on the patch to fool people. Following the eye patch, I was fitted with Sally Jessy Raphael glasses."