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It takes a lot for a small business to make it to 25 years. Tenacity, grit, and flexibility — these are just a few of the things needed to weather the ups and downs inherent in the business world. That’s why we’re especially proud of this milestone for Stoltz. Founded in 1997 by Ken Stoltz, Stoltz has stretched and molded itself into a thriving organization beloved by employees, clients, and partners alike for the past two-plus decades. Yet our philosophy remains the same. Have fun. Have a life. Make a decent living. Work with the best. Do and be the best. These words will continue to drive us forward over the next 25 years.

Our vision has evolved, although we remain intentional and thoughtful about growth and change. People come first for us — always — and whether we’re making an impact for our clients or supporting an employee, our human-centered approach has guided us through many decisions.

Honoring our legacy is important, and as our founder said, our past is the basis for our brand. Cheers to 25 years!

We wouldn’t be here without you.

It is, of course, because of our many amazing client partners that we are able to celebrate this major milestone. We are filled with gratitude for the trust that so many have placed in us over the years. From allowing us the creative freedom to bring your brand to life, to investing your marketing dollars with us, to the countless dinners, coffees, happy hours, and more, we couldn’t be more grateful for your partnership. And what’s more, we couldn’t be more thankful for the many friendships we’ve been lucky enough to create over the years.

“I feel so honored to have been able to take such a strong brand and legacy and be able to expand on the vision, increase our impact, and support an amazing group of people. I have no doubt that we’ll be celebrating more milestones like this for decades to come.”
Jaime Ekman – President & CEO

Let’s Celebrate!

If you’ve worked with or for Stoltz over the past 25 years, you know that we like to have fun! Which is why we’re thrilled to be topping off our 25th year in business with a celebration this September. We invite you to join us for an open house. Memories will be shared, wine will be had, and laughter will ensue. Feel free to contact us for more details if you would like to attend!

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A Trip Down Memory Lane


Stoltz is founded and started at the “Silver Bullet” Building staying a month or two before moving to the ICCU building on the 4th Floor, where again we only lasted a few months until finally settling at 615 W. Main St (pictured above).


After more than 10 years at 615 W. Main St. in Old Boise’s historic district, we moved to our new headquarters located on the 4th floor of the Cornerstone Building along the Boise River at 913 W. River St., Boise, Idaho.


You’ve probably heard that marketing agencies are the worst at treating themselves like a client. Project work, pregnancies, RFPs, and pitches were common excuses for avoiding a rebrand. However, the move into a new space finally gave us the impetus to reimagine our visual identity, and the current Stoltz logo mark was created in 2010.


We traded in our fourth-floor office for a spectacular new workspace with a ninth-floor view in the U.S. Bank building, right in the center of Boise. Now, not only are we in the thick of a bustling, growing city, but our artistic hunger is fed with a workspace that allows us to be who we are: creative.


On June 13, 2018 we lost our beloved agency founder, Ken Stoltz , after a courageous two-year battle with brain cancer. His daughter Jaime Ekman purchased the family business and became our President and CEO.


Stoltz turns 25, old enough to have a quarter-life crisis! To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, Stoltz is #OwningUp to gender inequity in our own company, our industry, and the business community as a whole.

Today, we are woman-owned and women-led, proudly changing the way business is done. 

We’ve built upon our incredible legacy with whole-hearted, empathy-driven leadership. We continue to have high standards of excellence while creating policies and processes that support the whole person. Stoltz has always been about the people that make up the company, and we’re proud to have developed a culture of inclusivity, support, fun, and authenticity over the years.

Work that Drives Results. Action that Drives Progress.

While we’ll set aside some time to celebrate, we know the job isn’t done. Honoring our legacy means continuously working to nurture a strong culture, achieve strong results, and develop strong policies that support our team. We are committed to doing the work it takes to ensure that our organization makes an impact for our clients, team, community, and world. It’s not easy to be in business for 25 years — and really, it shouldn’t be!

#Owning up Campaign

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, Stoltz is #OwningUp to gender inequity in our own company, our industry, and the business community. Join us. By bringing awareness to these issues, we can help drive more companies to own up and support women in leadership, ownership, and influence. We have to own it to change it. 

Even as a woman-owned company, we recognize we still have work to do. Stoltz was started the same way as most businesses in the US, companies built by men, for men. Women, and especially women of color, have to lead and own businesses in order to help fix the inequity women face in the workplace. In order for change to happen, we all need to be intentional in changing the dynamics of U.S. businesses. All people and genders have to do the work to change gendered thinking and practices. We can all work together to own up to gender inequity.

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Stoltz Marketing Group is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US.

When you support a Women-Owned business like ours, you are investing in women’s economic empowerment, vibrant communities, and the growth of the economy overall. We also recognize the commitment to supplier diversity that is embraced by many corporations and government agencies today, and we can add diversity to your supply chain.

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100 Hours Nonprofit Program

When it comes to nonprofit stories of impact, there is no shortage in our community. But turning up the volume on these stories can be challenging on the lean budgets that most nonprofits are accustomed to. Stoltz is here to help. Every year, we partner with one nonprofit and dedicate 100 hours of heart-driven creative services that align best with the organization’s needs, lift their brand story, and grow their impact.
2022 Applications are now closed. Check back in January 2023 for updates.

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