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You’ve seen the websites, digital ads, billboards, and more that have made their way out our doors, but have you ever wondered how it all starts? An insight. A data point. A problem that needs solving. We’re taking a step behind the curtain to share some eye-opening statistics that have inspired strategic creative. Big or small, these issues motivate us to put our heads together to find creative solutions that deliver real results for our clients – and make a positive impact on our world.

One in six children in Ada County goes to bed hungry.

  • Source: Idaho Food Bank
  • Client: Giraffe Laugh
  • With an in-depth case statement, explainer video, fact sheet, and social media posts, we helped Giraffe Laugh communicate the problem to potential donors and explain the steps they’re taking toward the solution. 

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There is $652,191,934 available in total potential savings for Idaho if more aging people have access to direct care (and aren’t in a care facility or hospital setting).

  • Source: Genworth
  • Client: LINC
  • With a brand identity, storytelling videos, a website, and collateral pieces, we’re working with LINC to change perceptions, promote understanding, and inspire action that will embolden Idaho’s direct care workforce and power Idahoans to live their fullest lives.

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Compared to taking public transportation, driving alone increases CO2 emissions by 45%, majorly contributing to pollutants in the atmosphere.

  • Source: UCLA
  • Client: Valley Regional Transit
  • With our partners at Valley Regional Transit, we’re working to change behavior in the Treasure Valley. Through a website redesign, digital ads, an electric bus campaign, and more, we are working to shift from a driving community to a riding community. 

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Idaho ranks 50th in the nation for the number of active physicians and resident physicians per capita.

  • Source: Becker’s Hospital Review
  • Client: ICOM
  • Our partners at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine are working to address the current and growing shortage of physicians in the Mountain West region and beyond. We had the opportunity to help them spread the word – and hopefully improve this stat – with an annual Social Impact Report designed to communicate this healthcare crisis in a visually compelling way.

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Manufacturing jobs have seen the biggest jump in employees quitting over any other industry — about 60% vs. pre-pandemic levels.

  • Source: The Washington Post
  • Client: RedBuilt
  • Recruitment and retention are hurdles that many companies are experiencing right now, and RedBuilt is determined to fill their open positions. Turnover happens quickly, as it’s seen that someone will go to work in the same industry just down the road for a $1–$2 more per hour. To aid in RedBuilt’s recruitment and retention efforts, we created a new eye-catching trade show booth and career fair setups.

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In a typical non-wood building, it takes approximately 17 years to pay back the energy debt created through embodied carbon — i.e., greenhouse gasses emitted during the manufacture of materials and construction of buildings.

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In an average week in Idaho, 414 babies are born, 35 of whom are born preterm (less than 37 weeks of pregnancy).

  • Source: March of Dimes
  • Client: Mountain View Hospital
  • With a state-of-the-art NICU, Mountain View Hospital delivers peace of mind whether babies are early, late, or right on time. We worked with them to create an integrated marketing campaign, including digital and traditional tactics, to remind Eastern Idaho parents that all babies are welcome at Mountain View Hospital.

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Every day, 11.3 million kids and teens leave school with no place to go. 

  • Source: Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Client: Jacksons
  • Boys & Girls Clubs offer a safe place for young people to grow, and our partner Jacksons has been a long-standing supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs in their communities for over 10 years. The family-owned business donated $250,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs across the western United States in 2021, and we guided their media and PR coverage to help generate awareness about this important contribution.

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Women earn approximately 83% of what their male counterparts do. And this gap begins as graduates exit college at the very beginning of their careers. 

  • Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics & National Association of Colleges and Employees
  • Client: Stoltz
  • Yes, the gender pay gap is still going strong, and as a woman-owned, women-led agency, we want to talk about it. This year, for our 25th Anniversary, we set out to continue the conversation around gender inequality in our company, our industry, and the business community.

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The US has no domestically mined sources of antimony, an essential mineral for technology, energy, and defense applications. More than 90% of global antimony production is controlled by China, Russia and Tajikistan, leaving our supply chain, and our future, at risk.

  • Source: Perpetua Resources
  • Client: Perpetua Resources
  • Our partners at Perpetua Resources are working to establish a viable domestic source of this critical mineral. To spread awareness of this important undertaking, we helped them catch the attention of key stakeholders with a website redesign, digital ad campaign, and collateral pieces.

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42% of women worry motherhood will negatively impact their career trajectory or leave them unable to advance as quickly as peers.

  • Source: Bizwomen
  • Client: Stoltz
  • The saying “you can have it all” seems to still be untrue for parents seeking successful careers and happy families, especially for women with children. Women report experiencing more societal pressure to care for their families, yet face more judgment and disadvantages in re-entering the workforce or furthering their careers. Our RETURNship program helps people who’ve been out of the workforce for 3+ years due to life circumstances (and often caring for their families) by providing them with hands-on experience back in the workplace.

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Gender equality won’t be reached until at least 2108 – 100 years and three generations later than previously projected. 

  • Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Client: Stoltz
  • In 2015, the UN General Assembly set a goal to achieve gender equality by 2030. We are now halfway to that goal, but nowhere near reaching it… we’re actually three generations behind. The report shows that too much of a focus on treating the symptoms of gender inequality, not the causes, could be a factor. Check out our Owning Up page to find resources that help fight gender inequality and inequity. 

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ER treatment costs are about 10 times more than in an urgent care center — even for patients with the same diagnosis. 

  • Source: Insider Intelligence
  • Client: Primary Health
  • With quality care, extended hours, and multiple locations, Primary Health’s urgent care services help patients through the bumps, sniffles, and sneezes of every season — without a costly trip to the E.R. We launched with a fully integrated media mix, including broadcast TV, broadcast radio, OTT (over-the-top) streaming TV, streaming radio, out-of-home (billboards, transit, airport), digital advertising, and social media to spread the word about the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality care available at Primary Health’s urgent care.

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