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At Stoltz, we pride ourselves on being woman-owned and women-led because we know firsthand how bold, passionate, and empathetic leaders can change the way business is done. Since 2020, we have doubled our team to best meet our clients’ needs, implemented paid sabbaticals and parental leave, and amplified the need for gender equity in the workplace through our Owning Up and Gender Gap Confessional campaigns. 

As a Sr Account and PR manager for over three years, I set a goal to interview a few women I admire professionally and write a blog post about what female leadership means to me. When our Chief Creative Officer had a similar—and honestly more exciting idea—my goal quickly morphed into leading the Owning Up: Women in Leadership series. 

We launched the series with the hope we would be able to provide women with a space to share their unique experiences and ideas, and inspire others to embrace themselves and harness their individual power. With the engagement these posts have received on social media and the feedback we’ve heard anecdotally, I’d say we did exactly what we had hoped.

As we close out the year and our first installment of the Owning Up: Women in Leadership series, I want to share my biggest takeaways.

Jaime Ekman CEO, Stoltz

Jaime taught me you really can accomplish anything you set out to achieve. With her commitment to our agency and being a changemaker in the industry, you’d never know being a CEO wasn’t always on her radar.

Marina Donovan Marketing Executive

From Marina, I learned everyone gets “knocked down” in their careers, which leads to getting back up — and oftentimes to a better place than before.

Mary Cronin Vice President, St. Luke’s Hospital

Tracy Wiese Chief Marketing Officer, Cambia

I learned the power in embracing your authenticity from Mary and Tracy. Having the courage to be yourself in the workplace inspires others to do the same and creates greater connection.

Tracy Hitchcock Chief Operations Officer, Stoltz

Another Tracy taught me the power of being curious. So much knowledge can be gained from listening and learning from every circumstance and person around you. You get to decide if what you learn sticks and how to use it.

Kat Crozier Head Of Marketing, Perfect Day

Kat highlighted the importance of truly understanding my worth and value. Did you know men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications while women apply only if they meet 100%?!

Sarah Hoffmann Sr. Specialist of Global Marketing, Merck

Sarah reminded me that success can be redefined. “Checking the boxes” isn’t the only way to measure one’s achievements.

Natalie Podgorski headshot

Natalie Podgorski Founder, Foresight Public Affairs

From Natalie, I learned “mistakes” in your career are more like detours. Not every job or title will be the right fit, but there’s always a takeaway to bring with you.

Kate Holgate Chief Creative Officer, Stoltz

Kate shared the importance of passion and resilience whether you’re a Chief Creative Officer or stay-at-home mom. Embrace opportunities with a “why not” attitude — you never know where they can lead.

Full of gratitude for being part of this series, I closed the door on my chapter here at Stoltz. I’m lucky to enter a new role and organization with the wisdom I’ve gained from these incredible women. As I continue on in my career, I hope to be an inspiration to women just as these women have been to me.

I know there’s more to be learned from the next installment of the Owning Up: Women in Leadership series and can’t wait to follow along.

—By Rachel Ebersole