Podcast Recommendations for Your Summer Road Trip

Podcasts. They’re in our ears. On our minds. As marketing pros who are aware that more than half of all folks in the U.S. listen to podcasts, we know it’s important to consider this digital storytelling platform when developing brand strategies. We also know that the largest segment of podcast listeners are millennials, a generation that loves anything on-demand, transportable, and diverse in content.

Our team here at Stoltz is in sync with this trend – we love our podcasts. Especially during this time of year as we set out on summer road trips. To help you prepare for your upcoming highway adventures, we shared some of our favorites:


  • Serial (Season 1) – I mean, did he do it? Jury is still out. This makes a road trip fly by.
  • Happy Face – It was a dark, but well-done, podcast about a serial killer in the 90’s from our region. The story is told from his daughter who is in her 30s.


  • Harder to Kill Radio – This podcast is hosted by a woman who talks about intuitive eating and lifting other women up, being body positive, and having a positive attitude in general. She is pretty amazing.
  • Pod Save America – Hosted by three Obama staffers who give a fairly liberal presentation of everything going on these days.


  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking – This podcast is hosted by Nora McInerny, and I love that it highlights real stories. It also articulates the fact that grief is a shared experience among everyone and is something many people live with to some degree every day.


  • High Resolution – This is a series of 25 interviews with leaders in design across industries. A great way to get a 45-60 minute lecture in user-centric design thinking from the best and brightest veterans in product, marketing, UX/UI, and technology design.
  • The Crazy One Podcast – This podcast is a long-form discussion from Stephen Gates, a career creative director who started out in design with his father’s letterpress machine in the basement of his home. It’s great if you want a no straightforward take on design in corporate and agency settings.
  • Pivot Hosted By Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway – These two share thoughts on how technology is shaping business and culture.
  • Everything is Alive – Live, unscripted interviews with actors who are playing the role of an inanimate object. They’re a creative way to have a light, sweet, introspective dialogue on daily life. The first episode is with a can of cola, and it’s wonderful.


  • The Shrink Next Door – This is a podcast by Wondery that tells the story of Isaac Herschkopf, a psychiatrist who abused his relationship with his patients to exploit them for personal gain. I chose it because it seemed like (and was) a good thriller/mystery/ambivalent story that explores the ideas of right vs. wrong in the practice of psychiatry.
  • S-Town – This story follows a man named John who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. This started as a murder mystery and then quickly pivoted. The dive into John’s life was extremely interesting, he is a “rich,” but paranoid, conspiracy-theorist who cares deeply about friends and is extremely gifted and smart (could perform a version of alchemy!). And again, the story battled with the ambiguity of right and wrong.


  • Fresh Air – Terry Gross isn’t afraid to ask the questions that we’re all thinking but not saying, even if things get awkward.
  • This American Life – I think the Stoltz team has collectively agreed that Ira Glass and his team are the best storytellers around.
  • Freakonomics Radio – Want to know why you shouldn’t open a restaurant? Or why America should be run by Trader Joe’s? Or learn why we choke under pressure? Never fear! The Freakonomics team is here to answer all the questions you had no idea you wanted answers to.
  • Ear Hustle – This podcast is co-produced by an inmate at San Quentin State Prison and Nigel Poor, a Bay Area visual artist and prison volunteer. Each episode focuses on the daily realities of life inside prison. As you can imagine, it gets pretty interesting.
  • You Know the Place – Hosted by the ever-hilarious LD Daley and Joel Wayne, this podcast provides creative insight into local Treasure Valley businesses, everything from tattoo shops to a cremation society to local hot springs. (Full disclosure: Joel Wayne is my better half.)