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We’re always on the lookout for inspiration. And our Stoltz #creative Slack channel never disappoints. It’s a creative blackhole brimming with tools and resources collected by our team. Here’s a roundup of our favorites from the past couple of months. Happy perusing!


Never doubt that CMYK or RGB conversion again. This Adobe plugin will find the best Pantone match for your color swatches.


Any photography geek will love the ideas they get from The Lens Culture Insta!


Adobe Creative Cloud has more to offer than just the tools of the trade. Here’s a curated gallery for designers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators and more. Plus learn from celebrities in our industry.


A list of visual blogs for graphic designers. (Warning: Be sure to review this link with no less than 2 hours of time in your hands.)


Music + Color? Yes, please!


Sometimes you just need to know what the aesthetic you’re going for is called. (Plus no one uses the word “aesthetic” unless you’re a designer). This list should help.


Float gives you a better way to showcase work.


Still feeling disconnected working from home? Here are some 2021 Collaboration Tips and Tricks.


An amazing resource for writers and non-writers alike to learn from the masters of their craft.


Need useful information? This list will be sure to expand your mental horizons.


What are your favorite tools to stay inspired? Is it classic movies? Your LinkedIn feed? Or maybe just a blank notebook? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear about them.


Until next time!