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Kate the Great

Our woman of the year, every year.

Last night (March 11th), the Stoltz Family fancied up and celebrated Kate Holgate, our VP & Creative Director, as one of Idaho Business Review’s 2020 Women of the Year. This award is given annually to only 50 extraordinary women across the state, and for anyone who knows Kate, it’s no surprise her name made the list. She’s the definition of extraordinary. Like a beloved caped superhero, she flies around achieving excellence and inspiring the rest of us to excel along with her. This is certainly true in her professional role at Stoltz, but it goes far beyond that. Kate maximizes her time, energy, and passions for good in every aspect of her life: career, community, friendship, and family.

To continue the celebration of Kate, read what some of her dearest fans had to say . . .

Three (or more) cheers from Team Stoltz

Jake Smith

Kate Holgate is more than a creative leader. She’s a friend. She takes the time to care — about her work and her community. Sometimes, there are people you meet in your career that make a true impression on who you are, not just what you do. Her legacy will extend far past her work and the work of her team. Kate’s brand of leadership is meaningful and rare. I’ll always carry her name with me as a North Star for creative excellence. I’m grateful for the guidance she’s provided me thus far, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Crissie McDowell

You’re a great friend first and foremost. You’re my favorite travel companion, late night dance buddy, wine and manicure gal pal, motivator, instigator, and creative leader. I wish I could bottle up just an ounce of your energy every day—I could maybe kick my Rockstar habit. Your love, authenticity, and excitement for what you do, at work, at home, teaching, friending, volunteering, coaching…(list goes on but my word count is restricted) is contagious to anyone who comes in contact with you. You give 115% of yourself in anything you do. I’m not great at math, but that seems impossible, yet you do it well. I’m so grateful to work with you, be inspired by you, and have you as a loyal and dear friend. Props lady. You deserve the heck out of this. We all need more Kates in our life. Moi!

Tracy Hitchcock

In my mind, Kate is not only talented, curious and compassionate, she is true connector. She has the gift of not only meaningfully connecting with every person she meets; she then brings together people who need to know one another for whatever reason. What could be more important to a leader who loves her community? And her community loves her right back by celebrating her many achievements and honoring what she brings to her family, and family of friends and colleagues. I am truly lucky to get to share time with her and learn from her every day! Shine on Kate!

Mitch Kuhn

Kate—you are a true connector of people. You exude optimism and are a joy to be around. I still have no idea how you fit so many things into each day…like a Mary Poppins carpet bag. Thanks for sharing your energy with the rest of us. I’m so happy to get to work with you and soak up just a bit of it.

Jaime Ekman

Kate is not only the company’s amazing creative leader, but a true friend. Her ability to light up a room, find the positive in everything, and bring the laughs every day is an invaluable thing. We are all better because of Kate!

Nicole Coleman

In the short amount of time that we’ve known each other, you can truly light up a room when you walk in. Your energy is infectious and it’s awe-inspiring. I’m excited that I get to work with you everyday. I have a feeling you will elevate my game more than I could even imagine. Keep being you, cause the “you” is pretty freaking amazing. Cheers to you!

Julie Stevens

Kate is such an incredibly happy person to have around the office and get to work with. She is always so positive in everything she does and makes time for everyone. She excels at everything she decides to do and is a continuous inspiration to everyone around her. Her sheer kindness to everyone makes me very thankful that I have gotten to work with her for so many years.

Katherine Johnson

Kate is one of those people who says yes, then follows through. She’s got big talent and an even bigger heart. I’m continuously perplexed by how she does it all…but she does, and she does it well and always with a positive attitude. I admire her greatly. Honored and grateful to call her a coworker and a friend. Congrats, Kate! This award is long overdue and well-deserved. Feel free to mom-twerk your way into the weekend in celebration!

Josh Hawks

Kate- you truly are a genius when it comes to all things creative. In my time here I have learned so much, some from you teaching me and some just by being present for your greatness. How you are able to cram so many things into one day baffles me. Your love for what you do really shows through and you make it all look so easy. You’re the true embodiment of the phrase “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Thank you for being an amazing leader, mentor and friend!

Adie Bartron

Oh man, I just love Kate. We’ve only worked together for a year and I’ve learned so much from her. She has an amazing ability to make an immediate connection with everyone around her and she genuinely loves and cares about each person on our team and our clients (she has literally sewn me an apron—amazing!). Kate has an endless supply of great ideas and she’s always willing to roll up her sleeves and dig in no matter how small the problem. I love that she’s never turned down a dance party or a chance to wear a costume. I consider myself very lucky to come to work with this amazing woman every day. Congratulations, Kate! xoxo

Brandon Stoker

Where to even begin? The amazingly creative woman that is Kate? The caring and compassionate mother who cares so much for her family? Or maybe I start with the encouraging leader she is to her company, caring an ungodly amount for each of her team members? Or maybe I talk about how she oozes sunshine — seriously, you wonder what drug she’s on until you realize that’s simply her. No matter where you start the conversation, Kate is exemplary and I am so honored and grateful to be learning and growing under her lead. XOXO Kate

Kellie Fox

It’s been an absolute delight having Kate as a mentor over the past several years. Since day one she’s been such an inspiring creative, and positive light in (and out) of the office. Everyday she comes in with a smile on her face and that energy is truly infectious. One of Kate’s greatest gifts is that in all she does she puts people first. That connection and genuine care is always so apparent in everything she does. Not to mention she can drop it low with the best of them! Congratulations, Kate!!

From her official fan club

Blake Holgate

What’s not to say about Kate? She’s striving to be a present day superhero. She puts on her cape every morning and does her very best as a professional, parent and participator. Kate never lacks the words to make someone feel better or put a positive spin on something unfortunate. Kate tries to help everyone around her, sometimes at the expense of helping herself. I admire her ability to juggle so many responsibilities day in and day out. She is definitely my better half, my inspiration, and I can’t wait to spend every day with her. Here’s to my woman of the year, I love you!

Grace Holgate

Mom, you are the most terrific mother I could ever deserve. You are caring for me and a considerate mom who always listens to us. You are dedicated to me and James when you drive me to ballet or coaching our basketball teams. Any person will also see how loving, compassionate, and understanding you are and that you have such a big heart. I will always cherish and love you.

Your daughter, Grace

James Holgate

Mom, you are always so kind and thoughtful. I’m thankful how much you take care and love us. You are awesome because you volunteer at school to help me and my class with projects and coach my basketball. You enjoy doing activities with me, and I enjoy it too. You help me fix things when I mess up. You are amazing and I will always love you.

Love, James

Bill Jonakin

#Awesome! While I freely admit a certain bias, Kate is the best. I’ve known since she was a little girl that she was destined for great things, and, evidently, several of them. She is a wonderful daughter, mother, spouse, basketball coach, designer, board member, rafter, fisher-lady, business executive, and many other things. I feel honored to be her Dad, and I know her Mom is proud as well. Great job, Kate. Love you, Dad

PS – Thanks for introducing me to the concept of “hash tag”. It was always a pound sign to me. You made me into a hipster!

Cathie Jonakin

Kate graciously accepted me as part of her family almost a decade ago when her dad and I married. I know her to be a very kind and caring person with a big heart and a beautiful smile. She’s always very positive and upbeat and thinks only the best of everyone who comes her way. Kate is not one to criticize or judge another others. Kate gives 100% of herself to any project that she takes on ( and there are many….), whether it be at work, or in her children’s classrooms, or leading a Sunday school class or helping out with the Girl scouts. Kate is a fearless mother and friend. She’s quick to offer a listening ear or a helping hand when needed. I am honored to have Kate as a friend and a step daughter. I know her biological mother would be very proud of the young woman and mother she is today.

Erika Schneider

Kate – Congratulations, we are so proud of you. It is no wonder that you are receiving this much deserved recognition given your kind heart, energy, and endless ability to serve and lead others. Thank you for your friendship and sharing your talents with our businesses and nonprofits that are near and dear to our hearts. Your light shines bright and is an inspiration! Love to you always.

Cheers, Dylan and Erika

Alicia Eastwood Eimers

Kate, I find there are mainly 2 types of people I surround myself with – those who I admire and want to learn more from and those who are true, loyal friends and family. Very few people fall under both categories but you are definitely the exception! I have always admired your hard-working, entrepreneurial-spirit and tenacity while staying humble and curious in all you do. I look up to you as a business woman and often come to you seeking advice, but most importantly I admire you as a friend and mother. You maintain the closest of relationships and show your family what it means to be a caring human being while conquering the world…like I said earlier, you are definitely the exception and I couldn’t be more honored to help celebrate you!

Danielle Horras

Friend & Client
Can you imagine how wonderful our community would be with 100 more Kate Holgate’s? I’m in awe of her ability to find the time to juggle all that she juggles without missing a beat – she’s truly exceptional. To list just a few of her community contributions, Kate teaches art at a local elementary school, serves on the PTA, coaches elementary school basketball, teaches Sunday school at St. John’s Cathedral, guest lectures at U of I and within the Boise School District, is an adjunct professor at BSU, serves on boards for the U of I College of Art and Architecture Board and the Children’s Home Society of Idaho, and gives hundreds of hours of creative thinking and design every year to a variety of nonprofits that address everything from disease research and prevention to education to food and housing insecurity. And that’s just the stuff I’m aware of! Kate, you’re amazing. Proud to call you a colleague and friend.

Sarah Kelly

Friend & Client
When Kate moved from New Hampshire to Boise in grade school we quickly became good friends. She shared my love for puffy paint, and dress up parades around the block. We collaborated on many En Vogue dance performances in the living room as well as a stellar lip sync performance to Wild Wild West.

Moving on to high school, she was well liked by everyone, being academically smart as well athletic.

Kate is a professional. Unlike the time of generations past, we are living at a time where people flight from one job to the next. Kate is committed and has put in her time and creativity to Stoltz and continues to keep up with current trends and constantly improve and grow individually and as a company.

Not only is she a full time professional but a full time Mom as well as donates so much of her talent and skill set to charity and freelance, including my small business. I am an owner of a small boutique restaurant. She has helped me express my creativity on a whole other level. Her detail and whimsy on menus, signage and fun accents really encompasses the experience we are trying to create for the guest.

Kate has a great personality. She is down to earth, approachable, relatable, and has a solid foundation of moral experience that is apparent if you meet her kids.

Thank you, Kate, for being you and all that you do!

And there's more…

Hailey Malepeai

Friend & Client
Few people light up the world like Kate. Her contagious love for life sparkles on everything and everyone she touches. Kate, your grace, beauty, wit, and genuine kindness are unrivaled. You make everyone feel loved, and we are all lucky to be in her orbit! I sure adore you, friend!

Biggest loves, Hailey Malepeai

Annie Meyer

Kate Holgate is a rare bird. Her passion for creativity and humankind is remarkable. And she’s always working so hard – whether it be a client project, a kid project or a passion project. She’s a non-stop, get-em-done machine in every facet of life.

And she’s so darn authentic. And supportive. And fun! When Kate asks how you’re doing, she REALLY means it and REALLY wants to hear your answer.

Anselme Sadiki

Friend & Colleague
One of the kindest, loveliest, most admirable persons I’ve had the privilege of meeting!

Dave Cook

Friend & Mentor
Over the course of my own career, I’ve had the privilege of working with some great creative people, most of them women, who—because of the demands of motherhood—had to manage so much more than their male counterparts, each and every day. I still don’t understand how Kate does it all, but, selfishly, I’m grateful she does; her work is all over my portfolio

Ze’ev Waismann

Friend & Colleague
Kate – From our first projects together I was inspired by your dedication, enthusiasm and creativity. You offer insights and have a thoughtfulness that sets you apart. You always find a way to enhance great work, while bringing people together in the service of your clients. This award is a lovely recognition, though it doesn’t scratch the surface and I wish you many more years of great achievements.

Jennie Meyers

Friend & Co-teacher
To know Kate is to know the best of humanity, and I have been blessed to call Kate a dear friend. Professionally, this woman is a powerhouse, doling out creativity like she’s making it rain. Kate shares kindness and wisdom with everyone she meets, and I have had the pleasure of watching her command a room full of eager ears and minds, eating up her stories and adventures from the land of advertising. Congratulations Kate, I can think of no one more deserving.

Joe Hughes

Friend & Client
It is remarkable to work with someone who has found the perfect career for her mass quantities of creative talent and exuberance. Kate is one of those people who gives clients confidence that they’ve aligned with someone who knows what works, how it works, and why it works, all with flair and professionalism. And she’s also a wonderful person to be around! We are fortunate to work with her!

Steve and Jeane Smith

Friends & Colleagues
We have the utmost respect and admiration for our friend and business colleague, Kate Holgate. Kate is all about value. She infuses value into everything she undertakes as is demonstrated by her commitment to her family, her Stoltz team, her community and her faith. Kate leaves a wake of goodness from all the energy and effort she gives to others. Her gifts are truly making a positive difference in this world.

Todd Meier

Friend & Colleague
Of course Kate is included in this incredible group of women. Working with Kate over the last 20 years has created a friendship and some great memories. From fresh out of school, to a leader at Stoltz and in the community. I have been honored to be a small part of the adventure. Congratulations Kate. Now others can see what we all know. You are amazing and I am lucky to have you as a friend. If this doesn’t work out, I can get your modeling career going again. Just let me know.

Bev Harad

Friend & Fellow Volunteer
The Library Foundation Board was embarking on a quirky, new fundraiser, never done in Boise: $15 for ’15 in the form of Selfies done by local community members on Social Media. Kate, wanting to participate in community volunteerism, chose the Library……we were off and running. She came to Board meetings, listened intently, asked relevant questions and came back with outreach strategies….totally on target.The Board loved her!!!

Kate’s talent, generosity and humor enabled the Foundation Board to have a successful event, each year raising our numbers by over 50%. My friendship with Kate is a very special part of my life!!!