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WoodWorks Wood Products Council Logo

WoodWorks is an organization dedicated to helping experts in commercial wood construction, but their ten-year-old website wasn’t helping the cause. Since the nonprofit was formed, they had grown and expanded to be a reliable resource, but their digital presence hadn’t caught up. In 2021, we designed and built a new website that integrated the day-to-day sales tools they already used and was set up to grow with the organization.


Their massive (and highly useful) collection of educational materials, calendar of events, and national team of consultants were too buried to make an impact. Underneath it all, the visual brand didn’t reflect their growing audience of building developers, architects, and engineers. 


After digging deep in the data, we created a new digital experience that can evolve with the organization for years to come. We developed a new logo and visual system to carry the brand consistently on the website and beyond. We focused on creating an intuitive user experience with by prioritizing fast loading time on a user-friendly content management system. We integrated third-party tools for even more power, including Salesforce for zip-code lead generation and a database search engine so users can find resources quickly.


With the pieces in place, the new site has seen fantastic results. In the first three months, we saw 17% more page views, 19% lower bounce rates, and 8 thousand resource downloads. Now that WoodWorks’ library of resources is easier to discover and sort through, WoodWorks is positioned as the go-to knowledge center for commercial and multi-family wood buildings.  

17% more page views
19% lower bounce rates
8000 resource downloads in the first 3 months
Responsive design of fast predictive search on website on desktop and mobile
Responsive design of beautiful building image gallery of website on desktop and mobile
Responsive mobile mockups of woodworks.org
Homepage mockup of woodworks.org
Mockup of woodworks.org showing the Business Case page
Award Gallery mockup of woodworks.org
Project mockup of woodworks.org

That’s not all.

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