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One of the most rewarding aspects of working in marketing is propping up our community. Our 100 Hours program takes a direct approach to making a positive impact on local nonprofits — and in 2022, we even added 25 extra hours to the total in celebration of Stoltz’ 25th anniversary

This time around, we partnered with Giraffe Laugh, an organization that focuses on ensuring Treasure Valley children have the foundation it takes to succeed in school and in life. It’s a wonderful cause our team felt passionate about — we take work-life balance seriously around here, and we know how important it is for working parents to get the support they need. 

Giraffe Laugh aims to empower families with a variety of programs. They offer early education as well as parent education classes, and even stock food pantries at each of their locations. We heard firsthand stories from students, parents, and graduates alike about the life-changing potential their work has had. 

And on top of the great things they already do, they’re hoping to shorten their waitlist, expand into more low-access areas, and bolster their teaching capabilities. If we weren’t motivated enough already, their ambitions inspired us to do everything we could do to help them find funding and support. 

To help them reach their marketing goals, we built a tool kit to help raise awareness across several channels. We created a video to be shown at their annual events that demonstrates the issues at hand and explains how they hope to solve them — complete with some pretty adorable footage from inside one of their classrooms. We also crafted a case statement and fact sheet to provide more in-depth information about their costs and goals. We delivered a photo library and social media templates that give them a leg up on creating high-quality, powerful materials far into the future. 

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with the selfless, passionate people at Giraffe Laugh, and we’re proud to support their goal of setting even more children and families up for success. From the entire team at Stoltz, thank you for all your hard work — we’ll see you at the next Moonlight Movie