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With population growth on a perpetual upswing, commuters in the Boise metro area are feeling it. Traffic congestion, parking scarcity, and the woeful expenses that come with using a car are just some of their pain points. Valley Regional Transit, the flagship public transportation service in the Treasure Valley, is leading the charge with alternative options to get from point A to point B. The challenge? Changing behavior to shift a driving community into a riding community.


To help increase ridership, Stoltz launched an educational brand campaign to get commuters on board with public transportation. “Riders Education” provided the know-how, confidence and tools needed to ride the bus (and be good at it!). The multi-media campaign highlighted key benefits of taking public transportation: it’s easy, environmentally responsible, and saves money. As Valley Regional Transit continues to improve and strengthen service lines, our work has included a major redesign of the website, brand and messaging strategy, a unique mix of direct mail, hyper-targeted digital advertising, and out-of-home signage, as well as a compelling video that inspired internal stakeholders on why their work is so important. And now with the challenge of post-pandemic behavior, there has never been a more important time to build consumer confidence with a unified message encouraging people to leave their car at home.


In 2019, we launched the Riders Education campaign, resulting in:

growth on targeted routes (2019)
increase in acquisition by search