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Vandal pride runs strong at Stoltz, and our work with the University of Idaho is always a labor of love. In 2016-2017, we completed a brand plan that led to rebranding Idaho’s land-grant university as a vibrant, culturally-engaged, premier research university. In 2018, we launched an integrated, multi-media marketing campaign to build brand awareness and engage alumni, prospective students, their parents, and the citizens of Idaho. The “Breakthrough” campaign established a solid foundation for sharing authentic, inspiring stories from real students, faculty and alumni by demonstrating moments of academic and personal discovery. In 2019, we built upon this creative platform, developing fresh concepts that consistently communicated all of the University of Idaho’s unique values.


What is a breakthrough? It’s defined as a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. The University of Idaho conducts more hands-on research than any other public university in the state; this is imperative to its land-grant mission, and research breakthroughs are happening every single day across our state. But let’s unpack that further. College is all about discovery. Finding out who you are. Meeting new people. Uncovering new passions. Personal breakthroughs are just as significant as research breakthroughs. The University of Idaho is committed to providing opportunities for all students to make discoveries and push the boundaries of knowledge.​ Telling this story through a highly-targeted media plan, U of I continues to see positive results over the course of the campaign.


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Behind the Scenes