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The Boise School District is one of Idaho’s largest, serving over 25,000 students across the city of Boise. As the city has grown, the needs of students and families have as well. Likewise, policies and funding of public education have evolved to include charter schools, vouchers are a continual topic of conversations, and more private schools are present.

In late 2018, Boise Schools started work with Stoltz to ensure the high-quality education and passionate staff at the District were not only highlighted, but celebrated. As a team of people who grew up in public education, we were thrilled to partner on such an important message.

From our initial research efforts, the Everything’s Possible campaign was born. Through the eyes, smiles, and voices of students and teachers, we’ve told the story of the impact Boise Schools has on families in our community, from comprehensive academics and career tech, to athletics and music, to dedication and determination that each child will explore, learn, and blossom. Over the years, we’ve done it all — messaging, photo and video production, social media creation and management, media campaigns, and a logo redesign. Through our campaigns, we’ve created renewed awareness and pride for all the Boise School District does.