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This technology big-swinger is a well-known name in consumer and professional circles. However, Intuit’s tireless work to simplify personal finance was only possible with its incredible team. Stoltz has been partnering with Intuit for several years to create inspiring and energizing content, programs, events, and workshops that provide employees a sense of connectedness and inspiration.

Customer Spotlight

The work Intuit employees do each day impacts real businesses—and lives. Building employee engagement and customer empathy, Intuit spotlights actual customers and shares their stories during regional all-hands meetings. Here are a few of our favorites.

Montana Mex

Our team traveled west to share the story of Montana Mex. From a farmer’s market stall in Bozeman, Montana, to winning a James Beard award for their show Big Sky Kitchen, Chef Eduardo Garcia and his small but mighty team hope to inspire you to cook and share the joy of food with others.

Salty Sea Sisters

Traveling to Northern Ireland, our team captured the adventurous spirit of the Salty Sea Sisters. The two friends wanted to make the outdoors accessible to more women—so they started a business in their spare time. Their business quickly evolved from beautifully illustrated maps sharing outdoor swimming spots to meetups where women could adventure together.

DeafBlind Potter

Kelvin Crosby welcomed our crew into his home—and pottery studio—to film his inspiring story. Despite being diagnosed with Usher Syndrome type 2 and experiencing hearing and vision loss, Kelvin continues to seek joy. He found pottery to be a healing hobby and hopes to share his passion with others through each piece he creates.

Small Business Big Impact


Stoltz partnered with Intuit to brand and bring the first annual Small Business Big Impact Day to light. Intended to invigorate local economies, Small Business Impact Day is something Intuit hopes other organizations will adopt alongside them. In just one day, Intuit infused over $1 million into local communities, small businesses, and nonprofits. Purchases from local store owners were packaged and prepared by over 10,000 Intuit employees around the world and then donated to their local nonprofits in need.

Dare Greatly Employee Awards

QuickBooks and Mailchimp

The QuickBooks and Mailchimp family is widely distributed globally, but the Dare Greatly Award transcends locations. Imagined three years ago in collaboration with Stoltz, the program’s main icon, the rocket, continues to soar, just like the ambitious overachievers it celebrates. The award is presented at regional all-hands gatherings. Winners are surprised with a congratulatory video message from their manager, bonuses, accolades, and eternal envy, making it a significant part of Intuit’s already impressive company culture.

Experiential Holiday Cheer Landing Page


Stoltz created an interactive landing page for Intuit employees to create bespoke holiday cards. Upload your photo, choose from a handful of placement options, type in your name, and print-ready postcard-sized images are yours. Intended to help Intuit’s presence on social media via its employees, this program delivered beautifully branded content that employees wanted to share.

Internal Communications

Intuit, QuickBooks, Mailchimp

Keeping employees happy and engaged is an ongoing task for any leadership team. With Stoltz’s help, these surprise winner GIFs occasionally appear in Slack. Surprise, you’re a winner!

This successful campaign shows that Intuit employees are passionate about small businesses. We asked employees to share their favorite small businesses, with promotions for the most popular, and we were not disappointed.

Post-pandemic was a difficult transition for most of the world. So Intuit’s employees in Silicon Valley were welcomed back to the campus with a full-blown street fair, complete with vendors, food, games, interactive art, and doggos.

Celebrating Afro-Latinos, Chicanos, Hispanics, Indigenous, Latinos, and LatinX Heritages, Intuit’s Hispanic Heritage Month helped bring light to the many Hispanic cultures in its global workforce.

Werewolf bar mitzvah! Spooky. Scary. Who doesn’t love a good costume day at work, especially when prizes are up for grabs?

Shared throughout the year, the Small Business Pop-Up brought various small businesses to the broad Intuit workforce’s attention, broadening their reach.