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Tamarack Resort is an all-season destination tucked away in the West Central mountains of Idaho. Along with being the only resort in the country to offer the unique adventure trifecta of ski, golf, and lake, it’s a retreat where long-lasting memories are made and traditions begin. In 2023, Tamarack selected Stoltz as its new agency of record — through strategic storytelling and eye-catching visuals, we’re helping Tamarack become synonymous with limitless exploration and unforgettable moments. 

“Get Out Here” Summer Campaign

The “Get Out Here” campaign for Tamarack Resort was crafted to boost summer tourism by highlighting its extensive range of outdoor activities. With a bold and energetic tone, the campaign encouraged people to swap their daily routines for adventurous escapes, emphasizing leaving behind the hustle and bustle to embrace the vibrant, adventurous spirit of the mountains. Key visuals and messaging focused on the idea of venturing beyond Boise towards Tamarack’s refreshing natural landscape.

The campaign utilized a multi-channel approach, including digital display ads on travel and lifestyle websites, engaging Meta ads on Facebook and Instagram, and eye-catching OOH billboards in high-traffic areas around Boise. Each element showcased Tamarack’s summer offerings, such as mountain biking, ziplining, and marina activities, with direct, compelling messages that make you want to drop what you’re doing and get out there. The bold, energetic aesthetic of the ads aimed to position Tamarack as the ultimate cool and trendy summer destination, encapsulating the idea that “Tamarack is summer.”

“Embrace The Escape” Winter Campaign

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