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If you’ve ever cared for an aging parent, you are likely aware of the overwhelming information that plagues many consumers when they become eligible for Medicare. (Even non-seniors start receiving AARP mail the day they reach 35—just ask a few Stoltz employees). Knowing their plans were not always the least-expensive—a key deciding factor for most seniors—Blue Cross of Idaho engaged Stoltz to help increase enrollment by creating a statewide, integrated marketing campaign that compelled people to purchase Medicare Advantage plans for reasons beyond price.


We recommended that Blue Cross of Idaho demonstrate the concept that retirement is not a winding down period, but rather the continuation of each person’s unique journey. Using emotional insight and focusing on the values inherent in Baby Boomers, the creative communicated how Medicare Advantage played an important role in living life to the fullest. Paired with competitive pricing, a hyper-targeted direct mail program, and tools that made plans easy to understand, “Journey On” increased not only brand awareness, but established trust and credibility in the minds of its target audience.

Services: Direct Mail, TV, Print, Digital, SEM, Events


increase in senior market leads
KPIs met
across the board for brand trust
4 years
in market due to success