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Idaho has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts. With vast amounts of public land available for residents to use, hunting is a popular sport throughout the state. In order to protect healthy wildlife populations, as well as the delicate habitats that support them, ongoing conservation efforts and license sales are key.

However, much like fishing in Idaho, hunting is seeing experienced license holders age out of the sport and younger generations not hunting in the same numbers. Idaho Fish and Game came to Stoltz with the following challenge: how can we encourage mentorship from experienced hunters and further help educate a new generation of hunters? To increase awareness of the tools Idaho Fish and Game provides new hunters to get started easily and safely,  Stoltz built a digital strategy and creative campaign to inspire Idaho residents to take action and discover the immersive experience of hunting.

As always, we had a blast working with Fish and Game, let alone supporting this important cause. We were also pretty stoked to see the campaign garner some great press!

Tactics: Digital Strategy, Microsite, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Video and Photoshoot

For new hunters, it can be intimidating. From firearm safety, seasons and rules, where to find game, and processing meat — it’s a lot to take in. This website is a one-stop-shop where new hunters can easily find all the information they need.


Ian Malepeai, Marketing Manager at Fish and Game – Idaho Press


Go Hunt Idaho Website

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