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“Thought leadership” can feel like an elusive concept and can take on many forms—speaker opportunities, white papers, community engagement, and op-eds. We’re constantly exploring thought leadership opportunities for our clients as part of our integrated PR efforts, as well as for Stoltz.

In summer 2022, we’d made our 8-week sabbatical program “official,” and we were eager to hear our first participant Crissie Hoskins’ takeaways. What better way to capture her experience than through an op-ed?

To make sure it would fit op-ed criteria, we knew that Crissie’s take would need to: have a strong POV or make a central “argument,” include intriguing personal details, feature reliable third-party sources, and fit certain length and format criteria.

After interviewing Crissie, crafting a draft in partnership with our internal PR team, and pitching it to several local and national outlets, we had a bite—Insider was interested in running the piece. We worked with them through a couple more draft rounds and sent through Crissie’s professional bio and headshot. When the piece went live, the conversations, comments, shares, (and translations!) it spurred were proof ten times over that thought leadership is a worthwhile marketing & PR endeavor. Content like op-eds create trust, legitimacy, and “a side door to peoples’ minds and hearts.”