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Cordia logo in full color.

Often, clients will come to us in need of a brand refresh — a more modern logo, a book to help everyone get on the same page, or some fresh new colors. But sometimes, we get to start from scratch. And that’s when we get to have some real fun. 

The challenge was to build a brand for a new company that communicated innovation and sustainability, but leaned on a foundation of providing reliable, resilient energy solutions for over half a century. We’re well aware of how essential a strong brand is — when a company gets it right, they’re set up to succeed by placing their focus on what matters most to them. And thankfully for all of us, this one is committed to a sustainable future with zero carbon emissions. 

Cue the logo brainstorms. Client research interviews. Hours-long naming discussions. Presentations. Conversations. More logo designs. More name options. Website wireframes. Photo shoots. And no shortage of swag.

Oh yeah, and they needed to launch in about three months. 

When all was said and done, we helped bring Cordia to life with a laundry list of beautiful materials that put their mission for sustainability front and center. A new name, logo, and visual system. A redesigned website. A comprehensive brand guide. A launch video. PowerPoint templates. An all-new photo library. Business cards. Vehicle wraps. Even virtual meeting backgrounds. You get the idea. 

Overall, we’re energized by how it all turned out — and most importantly, the client was, too! But we’re also thrilled to partner with a company that shares our values. While they focus on building sustainable communities, they’ll know they have the tools and a beautiful brand to help them get there. Here’s to a brighter (and greener) future!