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In the ad world, we love our acronyms. From PPC and CPC to KPI and CTR, we use all kinds of handy abbreviations to save ourselves some time and our fingers some stress. We can get a little ahead of ourselves, though – and if we’re talking to folks who aren’t surrounded by them every day, over-abbreviating can end up costing time and causing confusion. 

But fear not – we’re here to help. Whether you’ve been dreaming up a new video spot or you’re just looking to get up to speed on a few frequently used terms, here’s a quick rundown on some video advertising jargon you might find useful. 


This one’s pretty simple. Cost per view refers to the price you’ll pay for each time your video ad is played or interacted with. Some platforms even let you set a maximum bid, making sure your budget stays in check.



You’re probably familiar with connected TVs, too. This term refers to TVs that can stream content from online services like Hulu or YouTube – whether through a separate internet-connected device or software on the TV itself.



This is where things start to overlap a little. Over-the-top content refers to any programming delivered via the internet – shows, movies, and videos that don’t require a traditional cable or satellite provider. 



Long gone are the days you had to schedule your evening around the latest episode of Lost. Video on demand makes programming accessible to viewers on their own schedule by using their TV provider’s hardware.



Similar to VOD, but not quite the same. Subscription video on demand means any OTT technology that lets viewers choose what and when to watch through streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video. 

Not Acronyms, but Still Good to Know



The last time you fired up YouTube, you probably had to sit through a few seconds of advertisements before skipping to your content. These are pre-roll ads. And in today’s advertising landscape, they offer a great opportunity to raise awareness in your target audience if you get them right.



In the same vein as pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads show up partway through the videos you’re watching online – probably right when they’re getting to the good part. Another good chance to capture attention. 


Programmatic TV

Much like Google’s Display Network, programmatic TV refers to software that allows you to purchase video advertising based on audience rather than specific timing or programming.

Now that you’ve mastered these terms, we officially crown you as a video advertising expert. Congrats!

Ok – maybe not quite. But at least you can school the rest of the marketing team in your next meeting. If you’ve got any questions or you’ve heard other acronyms flying around, just reach out! We’d be happy to help.