Marketing articles 11.3.17
Happy Friday, Marketers! Welcome to our digest of marketing articles you simply can’t miss, the October 20, 2017, edition. As you well know, there are far more articles about marketing, advertising and branding than we can consume. SMG wants to make the process of finding the articles that matter to you and your business easier....
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Integrated Marketing Stew
Isn’t it funny how a bunch of seemingly unrelated things will come up in the span of a few days and somehow miraculously blend into something incredible? Sort of like when you have carrots, beef and potatoes and they become a mouthwatering stew. Over the past week, a few things came up that have me...
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PR and Content Burger
Mad Men’s Heinz Ads by Don Draper Become a Reality I admit it, ever since my first Public Relations class 20+ years ago, I’ve found the PR stunt enamoring. We read case study examples about smart brands that left us with dreams of what we would do to leave our mark in PR. I learned...
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