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We collaborated with Instructure, a global leader in educational technology, to create a captivating photography portfolio showcasing their flagship product, Canvas. With a student-centric approach, we emphasized real learning experiences and technology integration, reflecting Instructure’s commitment to revolutionizing education worldwide through the power of Canvas.

During our brand photoshoot, we had the opportunity to showcase the versatility of the Canvas technology in various educational settings, spanning from elementary schools to higher education institutions. With careful attention to detail, we selected locations that authentically represented these diverse environments, effectively capturing the seamless integration of Canvas into different educational landscapes.

In addition to this, we collaborated closely with Instructure’s leadership team to capture executive headshots that maintained a consistent and professional look. Working closely with each individual, we crafted impactful and unified portraits that reflected their expertise and confidence, aligning with Instructure’s brand identity and reinforcing their strong leadership presence.

Through our photography efforts, we successfully highlighted the transformative impact of Canvas and Instructure’s unwavering commitment to empowering educators and students in diverse educational settings worldwide. And hey, we may have even had a few laughs and created some memorable outtakes along the way.


Behind the Scenes