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Prior to 2019, the small town of Idaho Falls had only one hospital for emergency care. Seeing the need to serve more in the community, Idaho Falls Community Hospital (IFCH) opened its doors and provided an alternative option. To help raise awareness, Stoltz created a launch strategy and integrated marketing campaign.


The arrival of COVID-19 in March 2020 quickly shifted marketing plans. Collaborating closely with the IFCH team, we adjusted messaging to focus on building trust and alerting the community that the hospital was a safe place to receive care no matter the need.

front of postcard mailer
Back of postcard mailer


As 2021 neared, so did the opportunity to shift focus back to brand awareness and IFCH’s new certification as a Level 3 Trauma Center. Since then, we’ve helped spread the word through streaming video, social media, radio, out-of-home, broadcast TV, digital and print advertising.

2 Million+
increase in hospital visits from Q3 to Q4
Billboard with "Your number one choice for emergency care."