Boise School District


Client: Boise School District

As Boise keeps growing and changing, parents face an ever-growing number of educational choices, including charter schools, private schools, homeschooling, and online options. The Boise School District, one of the strongest public systems in the country, is the primary school choice for the vast majority of Boise parents. However, as new families move into the Boise area from other parts of the country, there is opportunity to raise awareness of all the unique benefits the Boise School District offers students.  

In 2019, we launched a brand awareness movement titled, “Everything’s Possible.” This creative platform was designed to sustain and be flexible over time, exist seamlessly with the District’s current brand and tagline, serve as a foundation for sharing all unique values the District offers, and evoke emotion through real, inspiring stories from students and teachers.  In this first iteration of the “Everything’s Possible” movement, we developed a highly targeted digital campaign that reaches audiences where they are, encourages engagement, and helps parents realize that everything is possible for Boise School District students.

Services: Research, Concept, Graphics Design, Media Planning & Strategy, Out-of-Home, Digital Advertising, Video Production, Web Design & Development, Photography