Primary Health Medical Group is a market leader in the urgent health care industry. With new competitors entering the market and consumer tendencies to choose a visit to the emergency room over an urgent care clinic, our work with Primary Health goes beyond brand awareness. We know we need to show the target audience, men and women age 25-45 (specifically parents), why Primary Health Urgent Care is the brand to trust in most urgent situations. In our recent advertising campaign, we tapped into our “mom brains” to create messaging and a tactical strategy that would directly impact our client’s major objective of increasing patient visits by 10%.


We set out to educate the target audience on the category of urgent care, helping them understand why it’s often the better choice over that painful visit to the E.R. We highlighted the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and high quality care available. We launched with a fully-integrated media mix, including broadcast TV, broadcast radio, OTT (over-the-top) streaming TV, streaming radio, out-of-home (billboards, transit, airport), digital advertising, and social media. The digital ads performed at 3x the national industry benchmark and resulted in the highest new patient count they’ve experienced at new clinics in 2019.


new patient count in 2019
national avg. digital performance
4.5 million
digital media impressions

Behind the Scenes