Roughly 10 years ago, an Idaho-based engineer saw a need and created a solution. David Bailey’s 20 years of experience told him that he and his colleagues needed a better, more efficient way to gather the critical data needed to buy, sell, and develop land – and thus a new SaaS, landproDATA, was born. That story of innovation and initiative motivated the Stoltz team to dive into the world of parcels, plats, maps, and GIS data to refine the landproDATA brand and rebuild their website and user interface. Armed with these solid brand foundations, we launched an integrated campaign of hyper-targeted digital and social ads,  a complex series of automated sales emails, and a pretty pretty slick direct mail component to help boost subscriptions across the state. Next up for landpro? Growth in other states and booming markets, and as the saying goes . . . we’re here for it.