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We don’t like labels, but we’ve been told our logo looks like one.

A drink logo that is.

So we leaned in — and for one holiday season (and one holiday season only) we present to you: Stoltz. World’s famous heritage, but otherwise nondescript, drink label.

Walk with us: It began a historic 25 years ago, in the rolling meadows of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, where the Stoltz label was born from nothing but a dream and a need for something to drink. Full of potential and reeking with pride (Pride: that’s what Stoltz means in German after all), the Stoltz brand reigns supreme, unchallenged as the World’s Best…drink. Identifiable by its bold typography, the knight of the Stoltz crest, and red — lots of red. It beckons you to take a sip of its hot — or maybe cold — elixir.

The message is simple and clear: Whatever fills your cup, make it a Stoltz.

OK, OK, so Stoltz isn’t in fact a drink label (nor has it ever been) and is in fact a marketing agency started right here in Boise in 1997; but we sure had fun playing the part. We hope you’ll join us in spreading good cheer this holiday season and share your moments of togetherness over your favorite cup of cheer! #makeitastoltz

All jokes aside, 2023 was a great year, filled with shared successes, collaborative endeavors, and meaningful connections. Your unwavering support and partnership have played an integral role in our journey, and for that, we are truly grateful. Happiest holidays, from our family to yours.