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Stoltz has years of experience working with B2B brands in the construction/engineering/wood products space. WoodWorks is a nonprofit organization that educates and supports architects, engineers, and construction professionals who build commercial and multi-family wood structures. When we started working with them, we knew our industry knowledge would come in handy. And it did, along with our deep understanding of how people connect in the digital world. We helped WoodWorks build an online community platform (think LinkedIn) where architects and engineers can show off their work in mass timber, connect with others that have experience, and find new projects to collaborate on. WoodWorks Innovation Network also serves as a recruitment tool for developers, helping them seek out qualified mass timber experts and build the team they need to bring their beautiful structures to life.

It goes without saying that we’re big fans of WoodWorks – they’re just one of those companies going against the grain (for lack of a better pun), innovating a whole industry to be better and do better. Check them out!