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For public transit systems during a pandemic, the show must go on. Our partners at Valley Regional Transit and other Treasure Valley transportation organizations stopped at nothing to ensure riders were as safe as possible so that essential workers and those who relied on their services could stay on the move. In an effort to educate riders about the when, where and how to safely access shared mobility, Valley Regional Transit, City Go, and ACHD Commuteride joined forces to help spread the word. Stoltz was proud to partner on this initiative by launching the “Safe Travels, Treasure Valley” public awareness campaign. A combination of straight-forward, educational messaging and bright, uplifting graphics informed the general public about the extra precautions each agency had in place to go above and beyond for the safety of their passengers. This, paired with a thoughtful plan consisting of digital ads, social content creation, weekly newsletter distribution and influencer engagement, provided the communication vehicle needed to build confidence and peace-of-mind as residents adjusted to the “new normal” of shared mobility.