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In early 2014, our long-term client, Idaho Housing and Finance Association, came to Stoltz with a marketing challenge: how do you get renters who are sitting on the proverbial fence to become homeowners? As a leading provider of home loans, Idaho Housing wanted to raise awareness of their loan products prior to the Spring buying season, especially among potential first-time homebuyers.


Research indicated that potential first-time homebuyers—primarily millennials—were still uneasy about the market. Most assumed that they didn’t have a sufficient down payment or simply couldn’t afford to buy. Neither was true. Lending rates were at a historical low, IHFA was able to provide first-time buyers with significant financial assistance, and monthly mortgage payments proved to be very competitive compared to rent. Using broadcast TV, streaming radio, digital advertising, super creative social media tactics—and a touch of humor—we created an integrated marketing campaign to give potential first-time buyers the facts, change their POV, and generate leads for IHFA and its lending partners.


increase in first-time home loans
$155 Million
increase in loan production
homepage visits within days of campaign launch