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Website Tip: Rethink and Refresh Your About Us Page

Your About Us Page: the most important room in the house, not the forgotten dining room

The other night I was visiting a friend who recently built a brand-new house, her “dream home.” Along the tour, we stopped in the formal dining room, and my friend said something that really stuck with me. “We probably won’t spend much time in here,” she said, then added, “but we knew we needed to have it just in case.” I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Why would you build such a big, beautiful room and then neglect it so? I later thought about that room but in the context of website tips.

The forgotten dining room, where you probably stack things on the table, forget about them for a few days, and only clean it up once a year when you are planning for an event, gets a lot of visitors, but few sit down for a meal.  It’s a lot like a company’s About Us page.  

About Us pages receive quick glances but are regularly neglected by their owners and rarely entice visitors to stay long. However, the About Us page should do just the opposite, as it provides great opportunity to tell your story and connect your audiences to your brand. Is your About Us page telling the right story?

Website tips for refreshing your About Us

Keeping with the house analogy, what if we shift and liken the About Us page to a home’s wall of family photos? Unlike unused dining rooms, these galleries receive a high volume of visitors who are interested in spending quality time to closely examine old grainy photos and get to know the family a bit more. Walls are carefully curated with just the right photos, and visitors are given the opportunity to learn more – to find a connection.

In order to have an About Us page successfully accomplish the same, there are three key things to keep in mind: 

  1. Candid authenticity – Don’t be afraid to show your true self. Divulge the deep-rooted facts about your company that set you apart from your competition.
  2. Make it interesting, different, and fun – This is a great space to show off your creative chops. Through thoughtful design, copy, and photography, give an accurate portrayal of your company’s “best dressed” self. Translation: Avoid the boring multi-paragraph page structure.

And finally,

  1. Tell your story – It’s in the story where your audiences become connected to your brand. Because ultimately, at the end of the day, the story isn’t about the company, it’s about the brand and people.

As marketing pros at thought-driven companies, we all strive to protect the integrity of a brand, and we’re simultaneously caring for and cultivating the story of that brand.  When brand and story are intrinsically woven together, future customers, clients, employees, stakeholders, and all other constituents become connected quicker and on a deeper, more meaningful level.

As seasons change, revisit your spring cleaning list, and perhaps add a new item. Dust off that About Us page and give it the remodel it deserves, and needs, to tell the story of your brand.